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May 15, 2024



          The Izard County Sheriff's Office is notifying the public that a registered sex offender has registered a residence status of "homeless" within Izard County. It is important for the public to understand that while there are currently no laws in Arkansas that prohibits a registered sex offender from being homeless, an offender with a residence status of "homeless" is required to report to both the Izard County Sheriff's Office, and the Arkansas Community Corrections Office, more frequently than an offender with a verified address.


Pursuant to the Arkansas Sex Offender Registration Act of 1997, the following information is being released:


Name of Registered Sex Offender: JACOB MALCOM GIBSON

Risk Level: 3

Address: Homeless

Hair: Brown/Black

Eyes: Blue

Height: 5'10"

Weight: 180lbs


          This information cannot be used to threaten, intimidate, or harass the individual listed above. If such things occur, our ability to release information and notify the public of the risks that registered sex offenders pose could come to an end.


          The Izard County Sheriff's Office has no legal authority to direct where a sex offender lives. Unless specific court ordered restrictions exist, sex offenders are free to live wherever he/she chooses, within the parameters set by current state law. If you wish to voice your concerns about the current laws related to registered sex offenders in Arkansas, you are encouraged to reach out to our State Legislators, as they are tasked with making laws. The Izard County Sheriff's Office is tasked with enforcing the current laws of the State of Arkansas.

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