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Izard County Deputy Sean Hunt and 16th Judicial Drug Task Force Administrator Geoffrey Watts escort Samuel R. Noakes, who was apprehended Thursday night in Missouri. Noakes, is one of seven who has been indicted on federal charges with Conspiracy to Distribute and possess with Intent to Distribute Fentanyl. 


Izard County Chief Deputy Charley Melton said Samuel R. Noakes, who was one of seven charged in a joint investigation with Izard County and the Drug Enforcement Administration, was arrested Thursday night in Missouri.

"We had warrants for seven individuals who were charged with Conspiracy to Distribute and Possess with Intent to Distribute Fentanyl. Six of those were arrested on Tuesday with the exception of Noakes. One faced an additional charge that was connected to the death of a local man," Melton said.
On Tuesday, officers from Izard, Fulton, Sharp, the Special Resource Team, Arkansas Department of Correction, the 16th Judicial Drug Task Force and the Drug Enforcement Administration rounded up those named in the indictments.
"The individuals were located in Izard, Baxter, Fulton, and Sharp counties, with the exception of Noakes, which led to a two-day manhunt."
Melton said officers in Izard County begin talking with individuals who helped lead them to a Missouri residence where 39-year-old Noakes was hiding.
"Our department then requested help from Missouri authorities. When they arrived at the Myrtle residence, they made contact with Noakes who then barricaded himself in the basement. After some negotiation by 16th Judicial DTF Agent Johnny Byler, Noakes was taken into custody and transported to the Oregon County Jail. We now have Noakes in our custody and are in the process of transporting him to DEA authorities," Melton said.
"These indictments and arrests were made possible because of our Opioid Prevention Grants awarded earlier this year that provided two additional officers to focus on the trafficking of drugs in Izard County and the 16th Judicial District," Melton said.

"We want to thank all responding agencies this week and to the Oregon County Sheriff's Department and Thayer Police Department for their assistance in helping us obtain Noakes," Melton said.


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