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In the last week deputies have issued multiple citations to people who have passed stopped school buses throughout the county.  

As the safety of children is a priority, we want to remind you that the law requires drivers to stop on 2 lane, 4 lane highways, city streets, and county roads in both directions, even those with a middle lane. Drivers cannot attempt to pass in any direction until the school bus vehicle has finished receiving or discharging its passengers and is in motion again.  

According to Act 166 of 2019, it is illegal for motorists to pass a stopped bus with its red lights flashing, as students are getting on and off the bus at that time. If convicted, the fines for doing so range from $500 to $2,500.  

Deputies will continue to watch for these violations and issue citations to help ensure the safety of our kids. If you witness someone passing a stopped school bus please contact the Sheriff's Department, 870-368-4203, and give the location, vehicle description, and a license plate number (if possible). 

Submitted by Chief Deputy Charley Melton

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