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According to Chief Deputy Charley Melton, on July 2, Sgt. Michael Smith responded to a call on Love Trail in the Zion area in reference to trespassing on her property. Upon arriving at the location Sgt. Smith stated the gate leading in to the residence was not on the hinge. When he got out at the residence, he observed two males and one female. One of the males took off running. Sgt. Smith stayed with the two persons still on scene. The male that didn't run off was identified as Marion Berry, age 64 of Melbourne. The female was identified as Amanda Lewis, age 37 of Pleasant Plains. The male that ran was later identified as Gary Lewis, age 50 of Floral. Deputy Tyler Webb arrived on scene and during the investigation it was learned items that belonged to the victim had been loaded into the vehicle. Amanda Lewis also gave false information as to the identity of Gary Lewis to begin with. As a result, all three are charged with breaking or entering; a class "D" felony, theft of property; a class "A" misdemeanor, criminal mischief second degree; a class "B" misdemeanor, and criminal trespass; a class "B" misdemeanor. Gary Lewis is also charged with fleeing; a class "B" misdemeanor. Berry and A. Lewis were arrested on the scene. They are scheduled to appear in the Izard County Circuit Court on June 14. As of this release, G. Lewis has not been located. 

On July 2, Jail Administrator Sherry Davidson was conducting a drug screening on Kendra Fitzgerald, age 42 of Calico Rock, after she was arrested on probation violations. During this time Davidson observed a device to conceal clean urine that could be used for passing a drug test. While Davidson was trying to keep Fitzgerald from concealing the device and a brief struggle, urine spilled out of the cup, in Fitzgerald's hand, onto Davidson. As a result, Fitzgerald was charged with furnishing prohibited articles; a class "C" felony, and aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer; a class "D" felony, Fitzgerald is scheduled to appear in the Izard County Circuit Court on July 14.  

On May 5, Deputy Rusty Ford took a report from a victim where she stated her cell phone account had been used without her consent to order a new phone that she did not receive or gain benefit from. During investigation it was learned that Zachery Haley, age 34 of Melbourne, was a salesman at a local cell phone store and he was the person whom accessed the account to order a cell phone for another person who was not associated with the victim. As a result, on July 7, Haley was charged with non-financial identity fraud; a class "D" felony, and criminal attempt to commit theft of property during a state of emergency; a class "D" felony. Haley is scheduled to appear in the Izard County Circuit Court on July 14. 

On July 6, George Clark Jr., age 53 of Jordan, was arrested by Trooper Lively for DWI and defective equipment. Clark is scheduled to appear in the Izard County District Court on September 17. 

On July 8, David Smart, age 53 of Horsehoe Bend, was arrested by Arkansas Community Correction for probation violations.  

On July, 13, Matthew Butts, age 32 of North Little Rock, was arrested by Deputy Brent Engles for DWI, careless/prohibited driving, fictitious license plate, failure to pay registration, and theft by receiving. Butts is scheduled to appear in the Izard County District Court on August 20. 


P.O.C. Chief Deputy Charley Melton 

Photos of Berry, A. Lewis, Fitzgerald, and Haley provided.


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